Innovation Anthology

Mal Carroll: Syncrude Improves Hydro Transport Technology

Mal Carroll: Syncrude Celebrates 20 Years for Hydro Transport

NAIT Research: Clint Undseth on Financial Modelling for Retrofits

NAIT Research: Clint Undseth on Construction, Smart Buildings and Changing Demographics

NAIT Research: Dr Chris Dambrowitz On PIC

NAIT Research: Dr Chris Dambrowitz on Industry Research Partnerships

SPARK 2017: Thomas Homer-Dixon on Carbon Sequestration

SPARK 2017: Thomas Homer-Dixon on Electric Cars

SPARK 2017: Low Carbon Technologies Diversify Alberta's Economy

SPARK 2017 Conference

Dr Mohamed Gamal El-Din: Active & Passive Systems Reclaim Oil Sands Water

Dr Mohamed Gamal El-Din A Finalist For 2017 ASTech Award

UofLethbridge iGEM Team Prepares For 10th Trip to Boston

TEC Edmonton Merck Accelerator - Laura Kilcrease

TEC Edmonton Merck Accelerator: Chris Lumb

Techstock: ReArm Inc

Techstock: Deepwater Farms

Techstock: Livestock Water Recycling Inc

Techstock: Canada's Water Accelerator Water NEXT

Techstock: Terry Booth Financing on Social Enterprise

Innovate Calgary: Techstock

Healthy Landscapes Program: Overcoming Resistance To EBM

Healthy Landscapes Program: Emulating Mother Nature

Healthy Landscapes Program: Holistic Approach

Health Landscapes Program: Collaboration to Develop Ecosystem Based Management Science

Healthy Landscapes Program: Workshops

Chris Apps: C-FER Builds ELDER Sandbox

Chris Apps: C-FER Evaluates New Aerial Pipeline Surveillance Technology

Chris Apps: C-FER In-Ground Pipeline Leak Detection Tests

Reg Joseph: Moving Away From Acute Based Care

Reg Joseph: Merck for Mothers

Dr Linda PIlarski: Several Application for Rapid Detection Test

Dr Linda Pilarski: Rapid Detection Uses DNA Targets

Dr Linda Pilarski: Rapid Test Fits On A Loonie

Dr Linda Pilarski: Rapid Detection of E.Coli

GEM Canada 2017 Report: Government Procurement

GEM Canada 2017 Report: Youth Entrepreneurship

GEM Canada 2017 Report

Emerald Awards: Ann Smreciu

Dr Evelyn Merrill: Determining Genetic Predisposition to CWD

Dr Evelyn Merrill: Genotyping Vulnerability To CWD

Dr Evelyn Merrill: Vaccine and Hunting May Manage CWD

Dr Evelyn Merrill: Tracking Mule Deer For CWD

Dr Evelyn Merrill: Chronic Wasting Disease

Dr. David Bressler: Repurposing Prion Infected Material

Dr David Bressler: Destruction of Prions

Disaster Study Looks At DNA Role In Resilience

Disaster Study Investigates Resilience In Children

TEC VenturePrize 2017: vrCAVE

Dr Rhonda Bell: Pulses Mitigate Lipids and Hypertension

Dr Rhonda Bell: Study Quantifies Health Benefits of Pulses

Dr Jonathan Banks: Geothermal Provides Consistent Baseload Power

Dr Jonathan Banks: Geothermal Power Temperature Criteria

Dr Jonathan Banks: Geothermal Mapping in Alberta

C-FER Enhanced Geothermal May Improve SAGD

C-FER Researches Enhanced Geothermal For Electricity

Dr Nicholas Ashbolt 2017: Blackwater Demonstration Centre

Dr Nicholas Ashbolt 2017: Blackwater Energy and Nutrient Recovery

Dr Nicholas Ashbolt 2017: Vacuum Flush Systems For Homes And Hospitals

Dr Nicholas Ashbolt 2017: U-Bends and Superbugs

Dr Nicholas Ashbolt 2017: Copper vs Plastic Plumbing

Dr Nicholas Ashbolt 2017: Plumbing, Pathogens and Probiotics

Anthropology Of Handicrafts At Federal Indian Hospitals

ERA Grand Challenge Round Two Benefits Environment & Economy

ERA Grand Challenge Round Two Winners Announced

Minister Marlin Schmidt At Solar Energy Trade Show

!Spark Incubator Gets $400,000 For GP Entrepreneurs

Dr. David Wishart: Genomics and Metabolomics Probe Climate Change Impacts On Forests

Dr. David Wishart: Deer Droppings, Metabolomics and Chronic Wasting Disease

Dr. David Wishart: Metabolomics, Environment and DNA

Dr. David Wishart: Metabolomics Milestones

Dr David Wishart: Metabolomics

Syncrude: Innovation In The Blood For Mal Carroll

Syncrude Among Top Spenders on Research & Development

Syncrude Collaboration Improves Technology Innovation

Syncrude Research Objectives

Syncrude Introduces New Head of Research & Development

Genome Alberta: Preventing Pipeline Corrosion From Microbes

Genome Alberta: Mapping Microbes In Arctic Marine Environment

Genome Alberta Receives Federal Funding For Major Projects

iGEM: Secret To iGEM Success At ULeth

iGEM: ULeth Team Wins Gold In Boston

Forge Hydrocarbons: Economics of Small Scale Biodiesel Production

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Hydro transport technology in the oil sands continues to evolve, says Mal Carroll, Syncrude's GM of research and development (Syncrude)


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