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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #835
Program Date: 01/03/2017
Program Category: Agriculture, Alberta, Bioeconomy, Energy, Environment, Waste Management

Forge Hydrocarbons: Economics of Small Scale Biodiesel Production

Economics and infrastructure requirements are always key considerations when commercializing a new technology.

At Forge Hydrocarbons, its pilot plant currently produces 20 litres an hour of a new fuel from rendering industry waste.

Scaling up to a demonstration plant would push production into the tens of millions of litres per year.

But is it enough to make money?

Dr. David Bressler is scientific advisor to Forge Hydrocarbons.  

DR DAVID BRESSLER:   We think actually even at the demo scale it will be a profitable operation, is where the projections are at.  So we're pretty excited about that.  And that's with existing government policy, and carbon tax  If something else comes down the road, is being planned, will just make it better. The technology, because it doesn't require oxygen or hydrogen like some of the other renewable technologies, we don't have to get to the massive economies of scale to make individual plants economically competitive.   That's not saying you couldn't build a bigger plant and kind of daisy chain a bunch of units together.  But we're pretty comfortable we'll be in a good place even at the demo scale.  

Dr Bressler says he is working on two new patents.  One is for the plant's engineering design. The second is for other product streams.


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