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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #836
Program Date: 01/10/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Awards and Competitions, Biotechnology, Genomics, Health and Medicine, Women in Science

iGEM: ULeth Team Wins Gold In Boston

Once again students from the University of Lethbridge have come out on top at the iGEM World Jamboree at MIT in Boston.

iGEM is the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition, with over 40 countries and 300 teams vying for the Gold Medal.

Taylor Sheahan is a PhD student at the University of Lethbridge.

Using synthetic biology and bits of DNA,  her team developed an antibody based  test strip to check for pathogens in emergency vehicles.

TAYLOR SHEAHAN:   So we were approached by the local fire department and EMS because they were concerned with how clean their vehicles actually are, the safety of their workers, and if they are,   transporting these pathogens back to their families. So they just really wanted  to assess if they are cleaning properly or not.   As well  they are interested in looking at some different cleaning products.  So they need a way to be able to validate that one product is actually more effective than the other, since right now they have no way of knowing how well each product is cleaning in comparison to one another.

Taylor Sheahan says the iGEM test strip could also be applied in schools and hospitals,.  


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