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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #838
Program Date: 01/17/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Biotechnology, Funding, Genomics, Life sciences

Genome Alberta Receives Federal Funding For Major Projects

Genome Alberta recently scored big with funding from Genome Canada.

According to President and CEO Dr. David Bailey, his group worked hard to secure $35 million dollars in federal funding to support four major projects.

These research projects deal with a broad range of topics focused on DNA, microbes and biological systems.

And as Dr. David Bailey explains, the success of these projects depends on additional support from other partners.

DR. DAVID BAILEY:  All of those dollars have to be matched at least 1 to 1, if not 2 to 1, by Alberta and other partners, So the Alberta government through EDT or groups such as Alberta Innovates or Alberta Prion Research Institute, very actively involved in helping put together these proposals.  Companies are always at the table with us on these.  We need the end user to be present, and they are there to say this is how they can apply that solution in a timely manner.

Dr. David Bailey says the funding supports research on microbial life in the arctic ocean, pipeline corrosion, chronic wasting disease, and the resilience of our forests in the face of climate change.


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Dr. David Bailey, President and CEO, Genome Alberta

Dr. David Bailey, President and CEO, Genome Alberta


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