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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #840
Program Date: 01/24/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Environment, Funding, Geomatics, Marine

Genome Alberta: Preventing Pipeline Corrosion From Microbes


Environmental damage from pipeline spills is definitely a top of mind issue for the public.

Researchers funded by Genome Alberta are looking at what role microbes play in corroding pipelines.  Also, what can be done to prevent or mitigate this corrosion, thereby reducing the risk of pipeline spills in arctic or marine environments.

Dr. David Bailey is the President and CEO of Genome Alberta.

DR DAVID BAILEY:  One of the major problems in moving energy in the form oil or bitumen is the corrosion in the pipelines leading to spills.   And a big factor in that is the microbial community that is actually breaking down the material and allowing that seepage to happen. And this is a very interesting and timely project led by the University of Calgary but with involvement with the University of Alberta and Memorial University, because it is both on shore and off shore.  And that microbial induced corrosion is a huge topic globally, not just here.  But the expertise exists here in Canada, and principally in Alberta and Newfoundland.  

Dr. David Bailey says this research will help improve pipeline integrity and reduce the risk of spills.

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Dr. David Bailey, President and CEO, Genome Alberta

Dr. David Bailey, President and CEO, Genome Alberta


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