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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #841
Program Date: 01/31/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Oil Sands

Syncrude Introduces New Head of Research & Development

Syncrude has a new General Manager of Research and Development.

His name is Malachie or "Mal" Carroll.

Mal has spent the last 22 year career with Syncrude, most of it working in the field in Fort McMurray.

But before his curiosity was captured by oil sands development, Mal had much different career plans 

MAL CARROLL:    My undergraduate degree is in aerospace engineering.  And, of course, I had this idea that I would be involved in that industry designing aircraft and space craft actually.   What happened was that the technology within the aerospace industry is no different actually than the technology in many other industries as well.  And returned to Canada to do my masters in mechanical engineering and was exposed to the oil and gas industry, and got very interested in the opportunity to apply my knowledge, both aerospace and, of course, with my masters in mechanical engineering.  And that attracted me to it.  It was the challenge.

One of Mal Carroll's first research assignments was improving the boom on the draglines so they weren't constantly breaking down.

Thanks today to SYNCRUDE



Mal Carroll, General Manager of Research and Development, Syncrude

Mal Carroll, General Manager of Research and Development, Syncrude



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