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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #842
Program Date: 02/02/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Oil Sands

Syncrude Research Objectives



Syncrude runs a large oil sands research facility in Edmonton with more than a hundred scientists and engineers.

 Over the past 53 years, research has been central to the company's operations in both oil sands extraction and environmental improvements.

 Mal Carroll is Syncrude's new General Manager of Research and Development.

 MAL CARROLL:  Over the next few years, we have 3 areas of focus.  One is improving what we have already.  It's improving the reliability, the efficiency of our current assets.   The second area of focus is around tailings and reclamation.  So how do we manage the byproduct of our operation?    In fact, more than half of our research budget goes towards the tailings and reclamation.  And then the third area is really looking forward to the next generation of technologies.  As our operation evolves over time, when we have to open up a new area of mining, a new lease, this is an opportunity to implement very new technologies.  

Mal Carroll says a key objective for Syncrude is significantly reducing the amount of water and energy used in processing oil sands.

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Mal Carroll, General Manager of Research and Development, Syncrude

Mal Carroll, General Manager of Research and Development, Syncrude



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