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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #843
Program Date: 02/07/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Oil Sands

Syncrude Collaboration Improves Technology Innovation

In recent years, Collaboration has become an important aspect of research and development among oil sands companies.

Mal Carroll is the new General Manager of Research and Development for Syncrude.

As he explains, this collaboration has been formalized a consortium called COSIA, the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance.

Actually sharing and leveraging is a key component to how we do work here at Research.  And COSIA is an organization that is really focused on developing environmental technologies. And what it does is it provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals and scientists to share ideas  and provides a framework to collaborate.   And the result is  we're able to accelerate the pace of the innovation.  And all of our core environmental technologies within reclamation and closure, water, tailings are shared amongst all the other oil sands companies in Alberta.  

According to Mal Carroll, Syncrude  also collaborates with academics across Canada and around the world,  as well as with other industries

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Mal Carroll, General Manager of Research and Development, Syncrude

Mal Carroll, General Manager of Research and Development, Syncrude



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