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Program ID: InnovatIon Anthology #844
Program Date: 02/09/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Funding, Oil Sands

Syncrude Among Top Spenders on Research & Development

When it comes to investing in research and development, Syncrude is consistently among the top corporate spenders in Canada.

In 2016, Syncrude spent over $58 million dollars  on R&D.  

The company was also  recently recognized as being among Canada's top 20 corporations, having
spent over $1.1 billion dollars on research in the period 2001 to 2015.

Mal Carroll is Syncrude's General Manager of Research.

Well first of all I'll say that Research and Development, we were the first department at Syncrude in 1964.  So that would be 14 years before we actually produced a single barrel of  oil.  And the first part of our focus was, of course, how do we take that oil sand ore and turn that into oil.    We have as of today 183 patents.  So actually this was, last year, 2016, was an incredible year.  We had over 18 patents that were awarded.  

Mal Carroll says two of Syncrude's many oil sands highlights include hydrotransport for bitumen and artificial fens for reclaiming the landscape.

Thanks today to SYNCRUDE

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Mal Carroll, General Manager, Research and Development

Mal Carroll, General Manager, Research and Development



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