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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #845
Program Date: 02/14/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Innovation, Oil Sands

Syncrude: Innovation In The Blood For Mal Carroll

As Syncrude's  head of research and development, Mal Carroll comes by his interest in science and technology quite honestly.

 His great grandfather Raymond Bangay was an early pioneer in the development of radio communication.

 And that's what he worked on for the next 57 years of his life.

 MAL CARROLL:   So back in the turn of the century, and this was 115 years ago, when he graduated from university with an electrical engineering degree, he was interested in radio communication.  And was able to get hired on with a company called Marconi.  And, in fact, his focus was on the development and the engineering and the implementation of the ground to air radio sets. So this enabled the communication between the ground and aircraft.  And it truly actually had a profound impact on history as it gave the British the upper hand in World War One with communications with their aircraft.

 The lesson Mal Carroll draws is about the innovation process - identifying an incredible idea, developing the technology, and applying it to real life situations.

 Thanks today to SYNCRUDE




Mal Carroll, General Manager, Research & Development

Mal Carroll, General Manager, Research & Development



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