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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #846
Program Date: 02/16/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Funding, Genomics, Health and Medicine, Life sciences

Dr David Wishart: Metabolomics

Dr. David Wishart started working in the field of metabolomics before the science even had a name.

That was 1999.  

Since then, this University of Alberta professor of biological and computing sciences has turned Edmonton into the world hub for metabolomics research and innovation.

Here's how David defines the field.

DR DAVID WISHART:   Metabolomics is a mouthful.  And its really a combination of the words "metabolism" and "genomics".  Meaning that we're studying lots and lots of metabolytes which are parts that we see in metabolism.  And the word  "omics" is sort of the thing we attach to anything where it's high throughput.  So there's genomics, proteomics, and now Metabolomics.  So looking at lots of metabolytes and characterizing them, in organisms, and  in cells in tissues, and in the environment.    

Dr. Wishart says metabolomics can be applied in many fields, and it is now moving beyond human health into identifying concerns for animals, agricultural crops, and environmental toxins.


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Dr David Wishart

Dr David Wishart


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