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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #851
Program Date: 03/07/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization, Funding, Women in Science

!Spark Incubator Gets $400,000 For GP Entrepreneurs

One of the latest recipients of funding from the Alberta Entrepreneur Incubator Initiative of Alberta Innovates is the Grande Prairie Community Futures program called !Spark.

Holly Sorgen is Executive Director of the Community Futures program.

As she explains, the $400,000 grant over two years will significantly boost start-up support for entrepreneurs in the Grande Prairie region.

HOLLY SORGEN:  What we've been seeing for the last little bit is an increase in the number of clients coming through the door who are looking at how they can take skill sets and their careers and put them into an entrepreneurial setting.  So it's a perfect timing.  
These dollars,  provide the opportunity for the !SPARK business incubator to be more than physical space.  It allows us to do concierge services for the clients and identify what their needs are, to help them put together action plans, to provide all of the support they need to create business plans, and to do some training and stuff like that. 

Holly Sorgen says !SPARK will serve a population base of over 100,000 people and it will help diversify the local economy beyond the core industries of agriculture, forestry and energy.


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