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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #861
Program Date: 04/13/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Engineering, Health and Medicine, Water

Dr Nicholas Ashbolt 2017: Blackwater Demonstration Centre

Changing our whole approach towards drinking water and sewer systems requires a brand new mindset.

So Dr. Nicholas Ashbolt is designing a large blackwater demonstration site to test the technology and its economic feasibility.

Dr. Ashbolt holds the Alberta Innovates Translational Health Chair in Water at the University of Alberta.

DR NICHOLAS ASHBOLT:   The way we're dealing with this conversion and thinking is at multiple levels.   So we're building an iconic development just here on the outskirts of Edmonton at St. Albert, where we are having our resource recovery centre.  We're having this as an iconic thing.  So it's somewhere where people are attracted to come and see and visit all the way from school age through university and consulting engineers and others so they can come and get a feel for a full scale operation of this type of technology.  They can get a sense of the regulatory frames that need to be modified, which concurrently I'm working on with various Provincial Government regulators.  And thirdly we can work then with the consulting engineers who need to sort of build some faith that these systems are reliable and robust.

Dr Ashbolt says these vacuum blackwater systems are taking hold in Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands.





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