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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #862
Program Date: 04/25/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Environment, Oil Sands

C-FER Researches Enhanced Geothermal For Electricity

Most people associate geothermal energy with the production of heat.

But geothermal can also be used to produce electricity.

Brandon Curkan is a research engineer with C-FER Technologies, a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates.  

He's working on the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems for power.

BRANDON CURKAN:  EGS is a little special because you can do that potentially anywhere in the world.  For geothermal system you need three things to exist.  You need water, permeability and heat.   In a hydrothermal system, that all exists already.  But anywhere around the world if you drill deep enough, you can find heat.  So the idea with EGS is you produce your own water reservoir.  You drill a well deep enough to get to the heat, inject water, and then you can produce that water in a closed system.    So you can theoretically do it anywhere. So with these systems, if you get enough heat coming back up, you can use this heat to run a turbine.  And essentially  produce power wherever you have one of these stations.  

Brandon Curkan says his work on Enhanced Geothermal Systems draws from current oil and gas technology and has potential to improve SAGD or Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage operations.


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