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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #863
Program Date: 04/27/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Environment

C-FER Enhanced Geothermal May Improve SAGD

Brandon Curkan is a research engineer with C-FER Technologies under Alberta Innovates.

His work on enhanced geothermal systems to produce electricity has great potential to improve operations in the oil sands, particularly with SAGD or steam assisted gravity drainage systems.

BRANDON CURKAN:  In that, what we're doing is we're drilling a pair of wells, and in one of the wells we are injecting steam to heat up the reservoir and mobilize the bitumen.  And then we're producing the colder fluid.  That's exactly geothermal, just done in reverse.  In geothermal you're producing a steam and then injecting a colder fluid and doing that kind of in a closed loop. So we've done this in a way in Alberta and Canada, but a little bit differently.   So the expertise and  technology that we've developed to tackle some of the challenges that come up with this, they can be applied to the geothermal industry.  

Brandon Curkan believes the expertise developed in Alberta for Enhanced Geothermal Systems can be exported to improve geothermal power operations in markets like California, Iceland and New Zealand.


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