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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #867
Program Date: 05/11/2017
Program Category: Agriculture, Alberta, Health and Medicine, Women in Science

Dr Rhonda Bell: Study Quantifies Health Benefits of Pulses

Dried beans, peas and lentils belong to a group of foods that farmers call pulses.

And according to the Canada Food Guide, they're a healthy alternative to meat.

Dr. Rhonda Bell is a professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Alberta.

With funding from Alberta Innovates and  Alberta Pulse Growers, Rhonda set out to quantify the health benefits of eating dried beans and peas.

DR RHONDA BELL:   The food scientists on the team formulated the soups and stews that we were using.    Then we had to cook the beans and peas to a very specific protocol.  So always for exactly the same  time, always in exactly the same amount of water, same amount of salt., etc, etc.  Then we would add a portion of beans or peas to each of  the soups.   So participants came in for a baseline visit, and then we'd give them three weeks worth of soups.  Then they came back for a  three  week visit, and then we gave them three more weeks worth of soups.  

According to Dr Rhonda Bell, the pulses study produced encouraging results, and it included analysis using biochemistry and metabolomics.


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