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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #868
Program Date: 05/16/2017
Program Category: Agriculture, Alberta, Health and Medicine, Women in Science

Dr Rhonda Bell: Pulses Mitigate Lipids and Hypertension

Dr Rhonda Bell is a professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Alberta.

Her recent study to quantify the health benefits beans and peas in the diet provided encouraging results.

DR RHONDA BELL:  Yes, we have had some exciting results, as a matter of fact.  So it was a very long study and 180 people ultimately were involved.  So it turns out that our beans in particular have a lipid lowering effect.   They also have a glucose lowering effect.  So even though our patients didn't have diabetes, their glucose got just a little bit better.   So it's not hypoglycemic or anything like that.  But it's an indication that their health and their glycemic responses also improved.  Interestingly, the peas had a positive effect on lowering people's blood pressure.  Again, just a little bit. These people were not hypertensive before they came into the study.  But just to the point where you would say they have an improvement in overall health.    So those were our two most exciting findings on the clinical side of things.  

Dr. Rhonda Bell says the pulses study also involved a parallel group at the University of Manitoba.


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