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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #880
Program Date: 07/04/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Canada, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization

GEM Canada 2017 Report

The latest survey from GEM, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, has just been released.

And according to Dr Cooper Langford, Canada is rated Number One for entrepreneurship among developed countries, or what GEM calls "innovation driven economies".

Dr Cooper Langford is a professor emeritus at the University of Calgary and a co-founder of THECIS, The Centre for Innovation Studies.

DR COOPER LANGFORD:  Certainly I think it starts from something that is in fact fairly widely distributed with the innovation driven economies and that is that there is a fairly positive attitude on the part of the general population.  People see opportunities for entrepreneurship.  They believe they have the skills to undertake it. And they think that successful entrepreneurs enjoy very high social status.  So there's no problem about creating a culture of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Cooper Langford says that confidence is high among the entrepreneurs surveyed.  But they indicated a need for more education about entrepreneurship in the early grades at school.

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