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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #881
Program Date: 07/06/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Canada, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization

GEM Canada 2017 Report: Youth Entrepreneurship

Canada is one of 70 countries that participate in the annual  survey conducted by GEM, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

According to Dr Cooper Langford, the 2017 GEM Canada report indicates a growing interest among young people.  They're  creating their own work through starting their own businesses.

Dr Cooper Langford is a professor emeritus at the University of Calgary and a co-founder of THECIS, The Centre for Innovation Studies.

DR COOPER LANGFORD:   If I chose 40 as the dividing line, then overall entrepreneurship would lie on the younger side of 40.  I don't think people have really given up on going out and getting a job and working for a company.  But we're seeing a very high fraction of people in this population range considering independent entrepreneurship as an option.    When we look at  the most vague question we ask, which is "Do you have any idea if you would be possibly undertaking entrepreneurship in the next 3 years?", we're coming in at around a quarter of the population.  

According to Dr Cooper Langford, the GEM surveys indicate there's growing activity in both social and environmental entrepreneurship.

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