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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #882
Program Date: 07/11/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Canada, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization

GEM Canada 2017 Report: Government Procurement

Dr Cooper Langford is a professor emeritus at the University of Calgary and a co-founder of THECIS, The Centre for Innovation Studies.

THECIS is the group that conducts the Canadian part of the surveys for GEM, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

The recent 2017 GEM Canada report shows a recurring theme about where Government could be more effective in supporting entrepreneurs.

DR COOPER LANGFORD: It's not a problem for government policy to help create an entrepreneurial culture.  It's there.  What policy needs to do is to look for ways in which the more productive kinds of entrepreneurship can be encouraged.  In general the agencies of government that have a specific mandate to look at smaller businesses or entrepreneurial activity are not the place where we have a problem.   It's that other departments of government - Defence,  Health,  Agriculture - tend never to have the term "entrepreneurship" come into their thinking.

Dr Cooper Langford suggests Canada adopt a government procurement policy like that in the US, where a certain percentage is allotted to small and medium sized businesses.

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