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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #891
Program Date: 08/31/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Engineering

Chris Apps: C-FER Builds ELDER Sandbox

Chris Apps is a senior research engineer at C-FER Technologies, a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates.

C-FER is known globally for its testing facilities in Edmonton.

As Chris explains, in order to evaluate new technologies that could improve the detection of leaks from pipelines, C-FER had to mimic the outdoors.

CHRIS APPS :   Yes, these are the four main technologies we've been looking at, these external cable based technologies.  And what we did is basically we built a big sandbox where we buried a chunk of pipeline and made specialized leak ports in it and buried these technologies around that pipe.  And over the course of a week, we make sort of lab based leaks in this big sandbox using real diluted bitumen from an actual pipeline.  And at the end of the week, we gather up the data from the vendors that tell us when they saw a leak and when they didn't see a leak, and we compare that with when we actually did have leak and have some information on how they performed given those conditions.

Chris Apps calls the sandbox ELDER - the External Leak Detection Research facility.

Thanks today to Alberta Innovates

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