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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #893
Program Date: 08/17/2017
Program Category: Aboriginal , Alberta, Health and Medicine

Reg Joseph: Moving Away From Acute Based Care

Reg Joseph is Vice President of Health at Alberta Innovates.

As he explains, involvement with socially motivated programs like Merck for Mothers is part of a global trend.

And that's a move away from treatment in acute care hospitals.

REG JOSEPH:  So what our province has realized, our nation has realized and many jurisdictions around the world have realized, is that having centralized acute based care is good for those acute kind of scenarios, heart attack, broken leg, what have you.  But more of our ailments and issues within our society are chronic, and require not acute type of intervention, but more broad, sustainable interventions.  And so what is happening over all, is the desire for many jurisdictions including Alberta is to move towards a community based care model where most of the health care needs are being met right in the community where our citizens live, as opposed to trying to treat them at an acute care facility.  


You can listen to the full interview with REG JOSEPH at Innovation



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