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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #894
Program Date: 09/07/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Conservation, Forests, Science Communication, Social Sciences, Wildlife

Healthy Landscapes Program: Workshops

There's a quiet revolution taking place in forest science.

It's called ecosystem based management.

Over the last two decades, forest ecologists have looked at ways to harvest the forest that work with nature rather than against it.

Dr David Andison leads the Healthy Landscapes Program for fRI Research.

The program is hosting a series of public workshops to discuss these new ideas about forest sustainability.

DR DAVID ANDISON:   it became clear starting about 3 or 4 years ago, that the science wasn't enough.   We were doing some really good science with the relationships between disturbance and climate and goods and services - we were starting to really understand some major pieces of that.  
So what we really have to do if we're going to make any further progress and understanding the potential of EBM, we have to go back and understand where the pinch points.  And so the dialogue sessions are designed to try to understand better where people are agreeing with this idea and where they're not.  

There is a Healthy Landscapes workshop in Grande Prairie on September 12, followed by more in Calgary and Edmonton.  

Thanks today to the Healthy Landscapes Program at fRI Research


Visit the Healthy Landscapes Program website to register 


Dr David Andison

Dr David Andison

Healthy Landscapes Program Workshop - Athabasca - Circle Discussion

Healthy Landscapes Program Workshop - Athabasca - Circle Discussion


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