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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #902
Program Date: 10/05/2017
Program Category: Agriculture, Alberta, Conservation, Water

Techstock: Livestock Water Recycling Inc

Sustainable use of water featured prominently at Techstock, a tradeshow hosted by Innovate Calgary.               

Set up in the Agri-Tent outside was the booth for an award winning Calgary company called Livestock Water Recycling Inc.

Manning the booth was Gareth Jenkins.

GARETH JENKINS:   So what we do is we take manure from confined animal feed operations,  dairies and hog operations, we remove the solids, and produce a dry solid that high in organic nitrogen that the farmers can use as fertilizer.   We take the remaining liquids and we concentrate it up, and that liquid contains the ammonium nitrogen and the potassium.  And in that process we remove about 70 percent of the overall volume as liquid potable water.  

According to Gareth, this on-farm recycling  system is a hit with farmers down south.

GARETH JENKINS:  We’re primarily around the mid-west region of the US, so around Wisconsin, Michigan and New York.  And then we’re targeting California pretty heavily as well.  

In October 2017, Livestock Water Recycling Inc was recognized by the Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Gareth Jenkins - Livestock Water Recycling Inc

Gareth Jenkins - Livestock Water Recycling Inc

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