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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #903
Program Date: 10/10/2017
Program Category: Agriculture, Alberta, Conservation, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization, Water

Techstock: Deepwater Farms

Another company challenging us to change our view of agriculture and water is a Calgary startup called Deepwater Farms.

They displayed their unique concept and technology at the recent Techstock for social enterprise hosted by Innovate Calgary.

Jane Richard is the marketing and business manager for Deepwater Farms.

JANE RICHARD:    Deepwater Farms grows leafy greens that are edible and raises fish like Tilapia that are also edible, using a technology called aquaponics. 

So aquaponics is an integration of hydroponics, growing plants in water, with aquaculture, fish farming.  And it’s a great alternative to traditional farming because its organic and it uses 90 percent less water because for the way the system recycles the water.  So how it works is we feed the fish, and the fish waste is actually used as nutrients for the plants.  And the plants actually clean the water so it can go back into the fish tank.  So its all recycled. 

Jane Richard says Deepwater Farms evolved from a University project of founder Paul Schumlich and now the business is in the process of securing orders for its fresh produce with local independent grocers.

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Paul, Kevin and Jane - Deepwater Farms

Paul, Kevin and Jane - Deepwater Farms

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