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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #904
Program Date: 10/12/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization, Health and Medicine

Techstock: ReArm Inc

Dino Gradilone is a massage therapist turned inventor.

The product he designed is an arm roller. 

And it is supposed to help relieve some of the effects of repetitive strain Injuries like carpel tunnel and tennis elbow.

The company is called ReArm Inc, and Dino showcased the invention at Innovate Calgary’s recent Techstock.

DINO GRADILONE:  I’ve been massaging for 17 years. And I was massaging one day, I was pretty sore, and the idea came.  I was actually thinking about my mom’s old washing machine with the two rollers.  I was thinking it would be nice to get my arm through there.   A light bulb went off, yeah.

ReArm is manufacturing its unique massage rollers at a plant in Airdrie.

DINO GRADILONESo there’s one ball on the top, two on the bottom.  The balls have dimples in them.  They act like little suction cups that pull up on the fascia as you are rolling through.  So not only is it compressing, it’s pulling also.  There are different tension band pressures, so there’s a medium, light and a heavy.  And it is a stainless steel unit but we have built a mould.

Dino says the company plans to expand its product line from arm rollers to include ones for the legs.

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Dino Gradilone, Designer, ReArm Inc

Dino Gradilone, Designer, ReArm Inc

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