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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #908
Program Date: 10/26/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Engineering, Environment, Oil Sands, Water

Dr Mohamed Gamal El-Din A Finalist For 2017 ASTech Award

Over the last two and a half decades ASTech, the  Alberta Science and Technology Foundation, has recognized research excellence across the province.

And among the finalists for the 2017 ASTech Awards Is Dr Mohamed Gamal El Din.  

Dr  Gamal El Din is a professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta and he’s an international expert in wastewater treatment.

His work has focused on the treatment and reclamation of water from oil sands operations.

And that includes treatments like the use of ozone or advanced oxidation.

DR MOHAMED GAMAL EL-DIN:  Ozone or advanced oxidation, it’s a process that’s very highly efficient, doesn’t require a lot of footprint, but it’s expensive because it requires a lot of energy. 
So one of the projects we’re working on using this process or this approach but at mild doses or small doses that could help accelerate a subsequent process in a way that it could  help that overall treatment or reclamation, but not at a point where we apply it at high doses where it becomes quite expensive to apply. 

Dr Gamal El-Din suggests pretreatment with advanced oxidation might reduce the degradation of toxins from years to hours.

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See also the interview with Dr Mohamed Gamal El-Din in 2014, Program 635


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