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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #910
Program Date: 11/02/2017
Program Category: Agriculture, Alberta, Biotechnology, Climate Change, Economy, Energy, Forests, Technology

SPARK 2017 Conference

Emissions Reduction Alberta and Alberta Innovates have joined forces to host SPARK – a conference about the new low carbon future and how we can use our ingenuity to get there.

Steve MacDonald is CEO of Emissions Reduction Alberta.  

STEVE MACDONALD:  SPARK is a chance to bring together and connect researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors who want to develop and de-risk solutions for a lower carbon future.  
It’s also an opportunity to showcase what’s working and a place to have conversations about what we can do better.   It’s also a venue for customers to learn about new technologies and ideas.  When I say customers I’m talking about industry.  Those people who need solutions to the tough challenges that Alberta, Canada and the world face about transitioning to a lower carbon future. 
And I guess our hope is that with Spark and the connections made at SPARK we’re able to create those linkages that accelerate the development of new products and new ideas and take them closer to actual commercialization.  

Steve MacDonald expects 500 people at SPARK, including Alberta’s premier, and industry leaders from energy, agriculture, and forestry.

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  • ERA - Emissions Reduction Alberta
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