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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #911
Program Date: 11/07/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change, Economy, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Innovation

SPARK 2017: Low Carbon Technologies Diversify Alberta's Economy

The lower carbon economy is upon us, says Steve MacDonald.  He’s CEO of Emissions
Reduction Alberta.

And the sense of urgency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a significant opportunity to help diversify Alberta’s economy.

That’s one focus of a conference called SPARK in Edmonton.

STEVE MACDONALD:  And Alberta for years has been trying to diversify the economy and create a little more of an ongoing stable revenue stream, job streams and I think this will do that by forcing us to look outside more traditional industries and the application of technology and knowledge  to those industries and say how else can we take carbon and turn it into hockey sticks, or carbon fibre or improved cement products or reduce the amount of water we’re using? Or how do we take our forestry and use it more effectively in terms of biomass and access to other renewable energy sources like green hydrogen and opportunities like that? So  this is a way to diversify the economy and  allow us to be more successful at what’s looking to be a lower carbon future.

That was Steve MacDonald of ERA, Emissions Reduction Alberta.  

You can hear his full interview at Innovation



  • ERA - Emissions Reduction Alberta
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