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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #913
Program Date: 11/14/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change, Economy, Energy, Innovation, Natural Resources

SPARK 2017: Thomas Homer-Dixon on Carbon Sequestration

In his keynote address at SPARK 2017, Thomas Homer-Dixon suggested carbon capture and storage and ultra deep geothermal must play an important role in climate change mitigation. 

Homer-Dixon is an author and professor at the University of Waterloo.

THOMAS HOMER-DIXON:  Well I think that Alberta’s expertise and drilling is actually a huge asset.  In fact its geo technical and heavy engineering expertise, as I said today, are enormous assets in this new world.  Because wherever we are going in a zero carbon economy, we’re still going to be still extracting energy resources from underground.  It could in the form of heat from deep geothermal, where you have to go down ten kilometers or more.   It could be in the form of deep coal seams that you gasify underground, leave the carbon dioxide there.  So Alberta has an enormous capacity to move in these areas, if the province recognizes the urgency of the situation.   And I think that this conference is a good recognition that people are starting recognize the urgency.  And I could tell afterwards there were all these people coming up afterwards with all these ideas about what they are doing.   It’s very exciting and it’s great.  I mean. people are very serious and they are figuring things out.  

Thomas Homer-Dixon is author of The Ingenuity Gap and Environment, Scarcity and Violence.



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