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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #914
Program Date: 11/16/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Energy, Innovation, Technology

NAIT Research: Dr Chris Dambrowitz on Industry Research Partnerships

Dr. Chris Dambrowitz is the Associate Vice President of Research and Innovation at NAIT, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

NAIT recently showcased its work in this area with its Second Annual Industry Research Symposium.

The topics focused on future energy systems, the digital economy, productivity and global competitiveness, and diversification of Alberta’s natural resources.

Dr. Dambrowitz gives some insight into NAIT’s role in the changing energy landscape.

DR CHRIS DAMBROWITZ:    Yes, sure there are transitions that are happening and need to happen but we’re working with the industries all along those value chains.   And so far from being a transition away from one industry towards another, we really believe the ways in which these things interact is going to change, the ways in which industries respond to environmental concerns, to policy pressures, is what we at NAIT are trying to enable.  And inevitably that will work out in aligning with higher level policies as well, because we are enabling industries to respond and react and be strategic about their competitiveness going ahead.  

Dr. Chris Dambrowitz sees a growing confidence with Canadian oil sands companies seeking new markets and applying new technologies.

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