Innovation Anthology

Sea Lice and Fish Farms Threaten Wild Salmon

Conserving Ringnecked Pheasants

Boreal Forest Maps on Carbon Sinks

Flax for Cars and Construction

Flax Rising Star of New Bioeconomy

Knowing the Unknowable

CO2 and Coalbed Methane

Hemp for Plastics

Edible Vaccine Could Prevent Mad Cow

Social Framework for Carbon Sequestration

Alberta CO2 Scientists Share in Nobel Glory

Grizzlies At Risk Near Forest Roads

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

Natural Capital Key to Strong Economy

Soil Fungus Controls Grasshoppers

Rats Aid Parkinson\'s Research

Salvage Logging No Answer to Pine Beetle Kills

Positive Feedback Exacerbates Climate Change

HEAD Project Redefines Boreal Hydrology

Alberta Water Research Institute

Duct Tape and E-Bay Aid Riparian Research

Manning Innovation Awards

Largest Gambling Study at Racino

Pollutants Affect Fish Hormones

Trees That Survive Forest Fires

CFI Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Gene Mutations in Mad Cows

SFMN Forest Futures Project

MRI Scans Reactions in Schizophrenics

Aquatic Food Webs

Diapers for Landfills

Fat Secretions Induce Insulin Resistance

Biodiversity Monitoring Tools

Zero Emission Village

New Biomass Technology Conserves Fossil Fuel Resources

Modelling Climate Change for ILM

Triticale + Genomics = Biomaterials

Reclaiming Wellsites in the Boreal Forest

Modelling Movement for Parkinson's Patients

Economic Indicators of Sustainability

Social Research On Biofuels For Canada

Genomics Aids Plant Breeding For Good Fats

Swimming Rats Save Sight


Trees With Missing Rings

Remote Sensing After Forest Fires

Ruminants Relieve Manure Overload

FISH On A Chip

Densimeter Offers New Look at Amino Acids

Regenerating the Hippocampus

Healing Injured Brains in Infant Rats

New Boron Preservative Prevents Mold In OSB

Woodpeckers As Fire Specialists

Beetles Love Burnt Forests

Thick Water for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Inner City Rattlesnakes in Lethbridge

Bio-refining In The Age of Peak Oil

Invading Deer Change Wolf-Caribou Dynamics

Earthworms Invade Boreal Forest

Picomole Wins VenturePrize

NMR Pioneer

Extreme Chemistry

Trees versus Red Squirrels

Red Squirrels Respond Genetically to Climate Change

IMUS Biogas Project

Singing Crickets

ARC Uses ALCES In Paraguay Rainforest

ALCES Reduces Industrial Footprint

Preventing Eating Disorders in Children

International Polar Year

Homemade Goniometer

Natural Control for Tent Caterpillar Outbreaks

Biolubricants for Chainsaws

500 Year Old Cottonwoods Discovered

Environment vs Economy: The Biodiversity Trade-offs

New Sensors Enhance Oil Sands Recovery

Touch Stimulates Brain Repair in Rats

Insulating Solar Panels

Using Lichens to Manage Old Growth

Human Metabolome Completed

Bicarbonate Transport

Remote Sensors for Cows

Alzheimer's Disease and Circadian Rhythms

Busy As A Beaver

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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