Innovation Anthology

Genome Alberta: Microbes and Oil

Genome Alberta: Moose and Cows

Genome Alberta

Cheap DNA Tests for Health Consumers

Genetic Variations Influence Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nano Science: Moving From Micro Stoneage to Molecular Age

Modeling Prion Proteins at the Nano Scale

Nano Alberta at Nanotech Showcase

novaNAIT Centre for Applied Research and Technology Transfer

Nanotechnology Poses New Challenges to Legal Framework

Alberta 1000 Plants Initiative

New iCORE Chair in Biosystems Informatics

Zebra Fish Help Prion Research

iGEM Jamboree Attracts 7 Alberta Student Teams

The Socio-Economic Side of Mad Cow

Chair of Foresight at ARC

iCORE Launches Research Chair To Improve Power Quality

AHFMR Announces Polaris Award Recipient

Instrumented Watersheds VI: Fens

Instrumented Watersheds V: Reconstructing Fens

Riverdale Net Zero House II: Framing and Insulation

Riverdale Net Zero House Saves Energy

Instrumented Watersheds IV: Coke Watershed

Instrumented Watersheds III: Tailings Sand Watershed

Instrumented Watersheds II: Soil Salvage

Instrumented Watersheds I: Oil Sands Reclamation Research

Jasper Innovation Forum

GeoChronos Marries Research to Facebook

Cybera Launches NEP Space Data Portal

Newsprint From Trees Killed by Mountain Pine Beetle

ARC Celebrates 15 Years of Public Internet

Capital Region Weight Wise Program

Impact Science: From Craters to Car Crashes

Mars Missions Utilize Canadian Crater Team

Some Meteors Originate From Earth

Treating Obesity As A Chronic Disease

Dirt TV At Syncrude

Sea Ice Loss Threatens Arctic Marine Life

An Arctic Free of Sea Ice

Oceans and Climate Change

Oil Sands Benefit from New Molecular Sieves

Syncrude Oil Sands Research Centre

Hydrogen from Oil Sands

Understanding Complex Oil Sands Chemistry

Removing Heavy Metals from Oil Sands

Predicting Vegetation Transformation With Climate Change

Climate Change Affects Future Land Use

Whitetail Deer Invade Woodland Caribou Habitat

ILM Program Pinpoints Key Uncertainties

Biology Honour for Dr. Daryll Hebert

Recovering Middle Deposits of Bitumen

River Stewardship Wins Emerald

Golden Eagle Watcher Wins Emerald Award

Isotopic Fingerprinting Recognized At Emeralds

Carbon Storage Wins Emerald Award

Nanotechnology and Forest Products II

Nanotechnology and Forest Products I

Mountain Pine Beetle

Portable Plant for Grey Water

Arsenic Health Benefits

Stress and Stroke

Transplanting Infant Hearts

Idle Time Wins Student TEC VenturePrize

Datagardens Wins 2008 TEC VenturePrize

Algae - The Little Engine That Could

Chronic Wasting Disease

Neptune Canada

IPY's Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study

Kluane Squirrels Exhibit Silver Spoon Effect

Sea Salt Adds to Seaside Air Pollution

Optilume Opens Western LED Plant

Generation 4 Nuclear Technology

Hybrid Nuclear Energy Systems

Boronic Acid Research

Norwalk Virus Advance

New Malaria Test

Bad Fats and Macular Degeneration

Age Related Macular Degeneration

Nature Nut Wins NSERC Award

Micronutrients in APRON Study

New Study on Pregnancy, Nutrition and Mental Health

Brain Cholesterol Linked to Huntington's Disease

Mapping the Obesity Factors

Obesogenic Society is Fattening the Nation

Carbohydrate Science Produces New Vaccines

New Antidote for E.Coli Infections

Nano Valves New Way to Store Gas

New Technology to Recover Shale Gas

Melting Sea Ice Troubles Polar Bears

Competition Among Female Black Bears

Cub Mortality of Black Bears

Controlling Enzyme Controls Fat Secretion

Gene Research To Unlock Pine Beetle Mystery

Metagenomics Improves Oil Sands Production

Warmer Autumns Compromise Boreal Carbon Sinks

MS Drug Big Success for Edmonton Company

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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