Innovation Anthology

ARC Names Stefan Bachu as Distinguished Scientist

How Prions Misfold

Landscape Influences Spread of CWD

CWD Impacts Hunting Revenue

Innovation Needed to Decarbonize Energy System

OECD Helps Innovation Strategy

Canada Falls Short On Innovation Front

NSERC Boosts Industrial Partnership Funding

Hunters Help With CWD Monitoring

New Waterfowl Deterrents For Syncrude Tailings Ponds

Wheat Straw Panel Board Houses for China

Wheat Straw OSSB Debuts In China

Corrosion From Water Topic At OSHOW 2009

AICML Commercializes Through Myriad Machine Learning Inc

Machine Learning

Hemp Makes Good Cement Additive

Hemp Makes Good Fibreglass

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute Discovers New Mite Species

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute Issue First Report

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute Releases First Report

iCORE Chair Researches Visual Sensors

TEC VenturePrize Invites Student Participation

TEC Edmonton Searches For New CEO

Radient Technologies Moves to Edmonton

BioAlberta Releases Industry Report

Plant Profiles Improve Oil Sands Revegetation

Picomole Moves to Quebec City

Prions Related to Alzheimer's Disease

Prion Decontamination: Promising New Technologies

Prion Infectivity Lasts for Decades

Prion Proteins Bind With Copper

Ross Bricker on AVAC Ltd

ISO Standards for Nanotechnology

George Weyerhauser Jr. on Environmental Risks of Nano Particles

George Weyerhauser Jr. on Nano Crystalline Cellulose

Nano Optics Shape Electronic Chips From Cellulose

Assessing Risks of Nanotechnology II

Assessing Risks of Nanotechnology I

Carlo Montemagno on Nano Forest Products II

Carlo Montemagno on Nano Forest Products I

PrioNET Funds Collaborative Prion Projects

Prion Research Gets Funding Boost

BioAlberta Supports Emerging Life Sciences Industry

iCORE Informatics Research Underlies Advanced Data Storage

Artificial Lake Reclaims Retired Oil Sands Mine

Spin Dried Tailings Improve Oil Sands Reclamation

Beavers Inform Oil Sands Reclamation

Wildlife Corridor Research Enhances Syncrude Reclamation

Prion Disease Affects Peptide Fibril Growth

Spinal Cord Injury Informs Prion Research

Micro RNA's Give Hope For Prion Diseases

Deer Dispersal Spreads CWD

ACAMP Hosts World Micromachine Summit

New Headquarters for SMART Technologies Wins Student VenturePrize

CIE: Seek Your Own Proof Wins VenturePrize

ARC Aboriginal Land Stewardship Program

Virtual Training in Healthcare

Smart Pants Manage Pressure Sores

$25 Million for Health Research Interdisciplinary Teams

Alberta Changes Innovation Framework

Dr. Armour Promotes Women in Science

Shadoo Protein in Prion Research

Role of Chaperones in Protein Folding

CWD Potential Risk to Human Health

Risk Assessment of Prion Diseases

Urine Test for Mad Cow On Horizon

Distance Education by Cell Phone

Juan Enriquez on Alberta's Bio Future

Triticale New Source of Bioproducts

Prion Conference Advances CWD

HiTech Helps Rehabilitation At Glenrose

Wheat Straw Pulp Commercialization

Wheat Straw and Silica Removal

Wheat Straw Pulp

Bitumen Extraction from Carbonates

Bitumen in Carbonate Formations

Native Plants in Oil Sands Reclamation

Funding to Commercialize Exciton Silver Technology

NINT Researches New Energy

NINT Encourages Scientific Leadership

NINT Research Priorities

NINT Building Design

Latest Program

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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