Innovation Anthology

Thin Lift Drawing for Tailings

Interdisciplinary Chronic Disease Collaboration

Tailings Pact Removes Barriers for Scientists

Oil Sands Companies Tackle Tailings Research Together

Centrifuging and Moving Tailings Material

Centrifuging for Tailings Ponds

Bioengineered Plantings Require Hand Labour

Bioengineering Useful in Reclaiming Oil Sands Landscapes

Giant Coke Filter Cleans Oil Sands Process Water

Microbes From Tailings Ponds Help Agriculture

Microbes Offer New Hope for Tailings

Water Cap Tailings Technology: Part 2

Water Cap Tailings Technology: Part 1

Brain Disorders Get Short Shrift in HIV/AIDS Patients

Suicide and Aboriginal Youth: Part 2

Suicide and Aboriginal Youth: Part 1

Tuberculosis A Risk in Northern Communities

Inhaler Prevents Spread of Flu

IGEM:U of L Art and Music from DNA

iGEM: Protein Test Kit By UofC Students

iGEM: UofA Team Develops Bio-Byte Assembly

iGEM: Former Butanerd Justin Pahara Turns Judge

iGEM: Andrew Hessel on Synthetic Biology

TechRev Showcase 2010

Stem Cell Research Gets Boost From Lab Pig

Stem Cell Research at U of C

Preventing Running Injuries

UofT Designs MATMOS For Mars Trip

BioTech Art Contest

Microchip Calls 911

Microchip Communicates With Brain Cells

HYRS Program Mentors Student Heart Researcher

Rampart Avenir: Lace Up Those Skates!

Rampart Avenir: Heat From Sewers

Rampart Avenir Community for Clean Technology

Smarter Entrepreneurs Tackle VC Investors

Venture Capital Funding Changes for Tech Startups

Biodiesel Makes JK Trucking Emerald Award Finalist

AlPac ILM Program Wins Emerald Award

Protein Therapy Good News for Heart Research

Clinexus Helps Health Technology Companies Commercialize

$43 Million For Research From Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Foresight Guru Dr. Axel Meisen Leads UNESCO Group

Dr. Eddy Isaacs Leads Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions

Dr. Stan Blade New CEO for Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

Dr. Jacques Magnan New CEO of Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Dr. Gary Albach Heads Up Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

ILM: Triage Approach to Recovery for Woodland Caribou

ILM: Woodland Caribou On Brink of Extinction

ILM: Deer Invading Boreal Forest

Biolithic Wins 2010 Fast Growth TEC VenturePrize

SFM Network Promotes Legacy Organization

SFM Network Conquers Knowledge Transfer

SFM Network Supports Role of First Nations in Forest Planning

SFMN's Triad Approach to Sustainable Forest Management

SFM Network Winds Down

Gene Research Informs Prion Science

Origin and Spread of Mad Cow Disease

CWD Spread Threatens Deer Numbers

New CWD Cases Found In Alberta

CWD and Food Safety in Aboriginal Communities

Mad Cow Research Reveals Consumer Attitudes

Alberta HEART Researches Cause of Diastolic Heart Failure

D-TEX Commercializes Quick Food Safety Test

Alberta Innovation Vouchers Program

Schedule for Sale by Geoff Ryan

Unravelling Mystery of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Predicting Spread of CWD

ABC Tech Promotes Clean Technologies

Alberta Council of Technologies

Reclamation Pioneer Terry Macyk Retires

New Lead on Detecting Breast Cancer

Cleankeys Reduces Spread of Infection

CWD Prions Bind to Soil

WinSETT Centre Targets Women Leaders

Ozone Research Holds Promise for Prion Decontamination

Cybera Expands Service to Entrepreneurs

University of Lethbridge Announces New President

New CEO for TEC Edmonton

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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