Innovation Anthology

Alberta Regional Innovation Network

Conserving Cooking Lake-Beaverhills Moraine

Conserving Ecosystems With Transfer Development Credits

Conserving The Environment With Economic Instruments

ABMI: More Than Just A Data Bank

TecTerra: Cell-Loc Targets Brazilian Utility

TecTerra: Trusted Positioning Tackles Assisted Driving Market

TecTerra Supports Geomatics Commercialization Projects

ACAMP: Wilson Analytical Takes Lab Into The OIl Field

ACAMP: NanoSpeed Diagnostics Trials Vitamin D Test

ACAMP: SmileSonica Moves Towards Commercialization

Neurosteroid Discovery Could Yield New MS Treatment

Why Anti-Cancer Drugs Have Side Effects

Prions Linked to Development of ALS

Ampikine: Dr. Greer's Commercialization Experience

Ampikine: New Use To Enhance Breathing

Aging Boomers: Self-Care for Heart Patients

Aging Boomers: Barriers to Lifestyle Change

ABMI Measures Plant Biodiversity Intactness in Southern Alberta

ABMI Reports on Biodiversity in Southern Alberta

Aging Boomers: Anticipatory Medicine

HYRS Student Researches Diabetes and Vitamin D

iGEM: U of A Students Produce Biodiesel From Cellulose

iGEM: U of C Students Create Biosensor for Napthenic Acids

iGEM: U of L Students Detoxify Oil Sands Tailings

Cryptography Breakthrough Produces Secure Key

Study Targets Better Treatment for Pancreas Cancer

AITF Tackles Nano Crystalline Cellulose

Perry Kinkaide on Technology and Diversification

CONRAD Part 17: Dr. Jan Ciberowski on Pollution

CONRAD Part 16: Dr. Jan Ciborowski on CFRAW

Rampart Avenir: AITF Involvement

CONRAD Part 15: Dr. Sylvie Quideau and Soil Biogeochemistry

CONRAD Part 14: Dr. Sylvie Quideau Researches Soil Biogeochemistry

CONRAD Part 13: Dr. Kevin Devito and Boreal Hydrology

CONRAD Part 12: Dr. Kevin Devito on Boreal Hydrology

CONRAD Part 11: Marie-Claude Roy and Wetland Water Chemistry

CONRAD Part 10: Marie-Claude Roy and Wetland Vegetation

CONRAD Part 9: CFRAW Informs Reclamation Practices

CONRAD Part 8: New Graduates Change Oil Sands Culture

CONRAD Part 7: Dr. Howard Wheater on Oil Sands Impacts

Alberta DNA Day

Alberta DNA Day: The Role of Genomics

CONRAD Part 6: Dr. Howard Wheater on Water Security

Aboriginal Achievement Awards Honour Scientist

MARIOS: Pipeline Slurry Improvement with Ben Fotty

MARIOS: Welding Enhancement with Matthew Yarmuch

MARIOS: Advanced Materials with Dr. Gary Fisher

MARIOS: Overview with Dr. John Wolodko

ESAA Joins Antarctic Cleanup Expedition

CONRAD Part 5: Dr. Lee Foote and CFRAW

CONRAD Part 4: Ann Smreciu Propogates Ratroot

CONRAD Part 3: Ratroot Important To Aboriginals

CONRAD Part 2: Kaitlin Schott Grows Aspen From Seed

CONRAD Part 1: Rob Vassos with Overview

RASSF1: Links to Inflammation

RASSF1: Early Cancer Detection

APPLE For Schools

Energy Conservation at Syncrude

Innovation Saskatchewan #2: PNWER

Innovation Saskatchewan #1: Synchrotron

Kim Sturgess and Alberta WaterSmart

Accelerated Dewatering Improves Tailings Recovery

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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