Innovation Anthology

Researching Foods to Prevent Chronic Disease

Researching Sustainable Production in Agriculture and Forestry

Overcoming Resistance To Breast Cancer Drug

Growing World Interest In Biomass

Commercialization Programs to Advance Alberta's Bio Economy

Ecosystem Services Integrates Economic, Social and Environmental Concerns

Ecosystem Services Informs Landuse Decision Making

Bio Char Project Reduces CO2 Emissions

Program Takes Aim At Biological Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Dr. Lee Barbour: Isotopic Signatures For Oil Sands Water in Reclaimed Sites

Dr. Lee Barbour: New Chair Investigates OIl Sands Reclamation

AI Bio Solutions Researches Ecosystem Services

AI Bio Solutions Turns Wood Fibre into Auto Parts

AI Bio Solutions Promotes Bio Economy

APRI: Novel Disposal for Prions

APRI: Legacy of Success Researching Prions

#1 Ranking for U of Lethbridge from Research Infosource

Sepsis Discovery Paves Way For Treatment

Richard Masalanko: Hydro Transport for Oil Sands

Richard Masalanko: Establishing Syncrude's Environmental Baseline

Kirst King-Jones: The Vampire Effect

Kirst King-Jones: Faster Maturing Fruit Flies

Kirst King-Jones: Fruit Flies

Tim Caulfield: Overcoming Twisted Science

Tim Caulfield: The Cure for Everything

T-Cells Need BIM Suicide Protein

T-Cells Run Amuck

Calcitonin Discovery Basis For New Spin-Off

Calcitonin May Help Osteoarthritis Sufferers

APPLE Schools Targets Sleep Deprivation

APPLE Schools Battle Childhood Obesity

Bird Monitoring Improves Oil Sands Reclamation Efforts

Bird Banding Program in OIl Sands Region

Dr. Lorne Babiuk On The Value of Social Science Research

Dr. Lorne Babiuk On New Vaccine Research

Dr. Lorne Babiuk Wins Canada Gairdner Wightman Award

Emerald Awards: Williams Energy Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Oil Sands

Emerald Awards 2012: Landmark Homes Wins For Big Business

Pre-Term Birth Stress Response May Predict Future Disease

Pre-Term Birth Stress Effects Are Transgenerational

Restoring Memory In Rats Holds Promise For Treating Dementia

Restoring Memory Using Sonic Hedgehog

AI Bio Solutions Promotes Bioenergy Development

CanBio Promotes Bioenergy from Ag-Forestry Residue

TEC VenturePrize: Orpyx Wins Student Category

TEC VenturePrize: Parvus Therapeutics Wins Nano VenturePrize

TEC VenturePrize: Innovative Trauma Care Wins Fast Growth Prize

Antimicrobial Peptides Useful in Fighting Superbugs

Iron Focus Of Fight Against Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs

CONRAD 2012.13: Dr. Michael van den Heuvel Tests Fish Toxicity

CONRAD 2012.12: WHEC Demonstrates Moose Home Ranges Vary

CONRAD 2012.11: WHEC Study Uses Remote Cameras

CONRAD 2012.10: WHEC Investigates Oil Sands Habitat Use

CONRAD 2012.9: New Methods To Retain Forest Floor In Reclamation

CONRAD 2012.8: Simon Landhausser on Re-establishing Forests After Oil Sands Mining

TEC Edmonton Enterprise Award For Metabolomic Technologies Inc

CONRAD 2012.7: Oil Sands Industry Welcomes New Reclamation Manual

CONRAD 2012.6: U Factor Foundation of Boreal Hydrology Reclamation

CONRAD 2012.5: Reclamation Depends on New Understanding of Boreal Hydrology

CONRAD 2012.4: New Manual for Reconstructing Boreal Hydrology

CONRAD 2012.3: CFRAW Wrap with Dr. Jan Ciborowski

New VenturePrize Category Highlights Nanotechnology

CONRAD 2012.2: Kaitlin Schott on Aspen Regeneration

CONRAD 2012.1: Rob Vassov Outlines Research Progress

AIHS Announces New Funding Programs

Alberta Pfizer Collaboration Fund

Delayed Pregnancy Increases Health Risks

Innovotech 3: Silver Coating for Medical Devices

Innovotech 2: Silver As Alternate Disease Treatment For Crops

Innovotech 1: New Silver Technology Kills Biofilms

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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