Innovation Anthology

CCEMC Grand Challenge: OakBio Inc Converts CO2 With Microbes

UPEI Climate Research: Ground Surveys Monitor Coast Erosion

Dr. Simon Landhausser 2014: Landscape Level Challenges

Dr. Simon Landhausser 2014: New Projects

Dr. Simon Landhausser 2014: Making Better Seedlings

Dr. Simon Landhausser 2014: NSERC Industrial Chair

Dr. Lee Barbour 2014: The Piezometer

Dr. Lee Barbour 2014: New Device To Measure Water Volumes

Dr. Lee Barbour 2014: Catalogue Of Oil Sands Water Isotopes

Dr. Lee Barbour 2014: Research Chair Update

Robotics Theme At Manning Innovation Symposium

Perfect Pitch Prize Goes to Emily Hicks for FREDsense Startup

W.Brett Wilson Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence

W Brett Wilson on Entrepreneurship and Canada's Innovation Deficit

Oil Sands Tailings Water Treatment With Ozone

Oil Sands Tailings Water Treatment Research Projects

Oil Sands Tailings Water Treatment Research Chair

TEC Edmonton Named Startup Canada's 2014 Incubator of the Year

New Research Chair Studies Petroleum Coke

New Research Chair Studies Centrifuge Fine Tailings

New Research Chair in Mine Closure Geochemistry

AIHS Aboriginal Health Research Chair Uses Collaborative Approach

AIHS Translational Health Chair in Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing

CCEMC Grand Challenge: HY-TEK Bio

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Robert Gordon University

ABMI Climate Change Report Pinpoints Species At Risk

ABMI Climate Change Report Uses Species Vulnerability Index

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Liquid Light Inc

GEM Alberta Outlines Five Recommendations

GEM Alberta Report Highlights Female Entrepreneurship

GEM Alberta Reports Extra High Level of Entrepreneurship

CCEMC Grand Challenge: CCM Research

Lockheed Martin & UofA Research New Battery

Lockheed Martin and Government of Alberta Sign Innovation MOU

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Carbon Cycle Ltd

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Industrial Microbes

Depositing Fluid Fine Tailings Under Water

TEC VenturePrize Winner Localize Services Inc

CCEMC Grand Challenge: New Sky Energy

Water 4: Pathogens in Treated Water

Water 3: Urine Diversion Toilets

Water 2: Recovering Value From Sewage Without Health Risk

Water 1: New Translational Health Chair in Water

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Pioneer Energy

ACA Uses Indigogo To Save Alberta's Piping Plover

GEM Canada Looks At What Motivates Entrepreneurs

GEM Canada Survey Ranks Entrepreneurship Globally

Oil Sands Reclamation Tests KCA As Absorbant

Ingenuity Lab: Recovering Pollutants

Ingenuity Lab: The Power of N

Dr. Barry Bara On Rim Ditching T0 Dewater Oil Sands Tailings

Dr. Barry Bara On The Use Of Flocculants to Dewater Oil Sands Tailings

Behavior of Shallow Clouds and Global Warming

ABDC Seminar: What's Next in Green Building

SpineAccess Alberta Targets Long Wait Lists

SpineAccess Alberta Receives PRIHS Funding

Lethbridge Astrophysicist Building Interferometer For Space

CFI Supports Advanced Landscape Monitoring at ULeth

Vitamin D Study Tests For Correct Dose

Designed For Space, Infrared Sensors Also Detect Cancer

Lethbridge Astrophysicist Honoured By Royal Astronomical Society

NRC: Defining Six Innovation and Research Priorities

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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