Innovation Anthology

Forge Hydrocarbons: Environmental Benefits

Forge Hydrocarbons: New Technology Explained

Forge Hydrocarbons: Clean Biofuel From Rendering Waste

Orpyx: More Applications For SurroSense RX

Orpyx: Hi-Tec Shoe Insert Helps Diabetics

SmileSonica: Inventing A New Dental Ultrasound Gel

SmileSonica: Aevo Orthodontic Therapy Uses Ultrasound

Field Upgrading Targets Marine Diesel Market With New Desulphuring Tech

Field Upgrading Uses Sodium To Remove Sulphur From Heavy Oil

Interim Reclamation Demonstration Experiment with NAIT and ConocoPhillips

Interim Reclamation Proposed For Soil Stockpiles

ERA: Funding To Reduce Methane Emissions

ERA: New Name For CCEMC

AlbertaSAT Wins Special ASTech Award

Deactivating Hospital Superbugs with Crystalline Nano Cellulose

Startup Canada Prairie Region Awards: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Sandhill Fen: New Peat Formation

Sandhill Fen: Wildlife Returns

Sandhill Fen: Research

Sandhill Fen Update

Students, Climate Change and COP 22

Dr Julia Brassolotto: Barriers to Healthcare for Rural Seniors

Dr. Julia Brassolotto: Determining Current State of Rural Seniors Healthcare

Dr. Julia Brassolotto: Translational Health Chair Investigates Rural Health

Syncrude: Co-mixing to Manage Tailings

THECIS: Dr. Joe Doucet and Alberta 2.0

Joorbit - The Job Dating Site

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Blue Planet

CCEMC Grand Challenge: University of Alberta Fuel Cell

MAPS: Automated Recording Devices Enhance Birds Research

MAPS: Fort McMurray Fire Burns Bird Research Stations

MAPS: Natural Succession Of Birds In Created Forests

MAPS: Songbird Population Cycles

MAPS: Banding 30,000 Songbirds

MAPS: Bird Research in Oil Sands Region

CCEMC Grand Challenge: UBC

CCEMC Grand Challenge: RTI Internationsl

CCEMC Grand Challenge: Enerkem

Salt Tolerant Willows: Pioneer Species in Forest Succession

Salt Tolerant Willows Help Oil Sands Reclamation

Native Roofs: Storm Water Management

Native Roofs: Energy Savings

GEM Report: Canada Lags In Productivity & Innovation

GEM Report: Canada Takes Lead In Global Entrepreneurship

Beef & Biodiversity: Environmental Indicators

Beef & Biodiversity: Life Cycle Analysis

New Tremie Device Speeds Up Tailings Reclamation

Dr. Marian Weber: Costing Out Better Land Management At Indian Farm Creek

Dr. Marian Weber: Indian Farm Creek Ecosystem Services Study

Dr Marian Weber: Pooling Resources For Holistic Approach

Dr. Marian Weber: Integrating Data For Ecosystem Services Clearinghouse and Exchange

Dr. Marian Weber: Ecosystem Services Clearinghouse and Exchange

Pollination: Wildflower Remnant Habitat for Bees

Pollination: Collecting Bees For Provincial Biodiversity Inventory

Pollination: Bee Diversity and Abundance Survey

TEC VenturePrize 2016: Dakota Supplies Inc Fast Growth Winner

Algar: Industry Interest In Ecosystem Services Market

Algar: Assessing Ecosystem Values

Algar: Replanting Seismic Lines Helps Caribou

Ecosystem Services Bio Resources Information Management System

Ecosystem Services Roadmap

Ecosystem Services Defined

Brain's Endocannabinoid Could Help PTSD Patients

Brain Research Into PTSD Memories

SuperPump Unique Design Increases Equipment Life Span

Super Pumps Save Millions At Syncrude

Inkdit Rising Star Among Edmonton Startups

Footprints: Reclamation Works, But Huge Backlog Awaits

Footprints: Alberta's Early Land Reclamation Legislation Rooted In Oil Exploration

Footprints: The Evolution of Land Conservation and Reclamation in Alberta

Dr. Bill Colmers: Don't Get Fat In The First Place

Dr Bill Colmers: Regaining Lost Weight

Dr Bill Colmers: Fat Rats

Dr Bill Colmers: Appetite Regulators

Aboriginal Health Study Finds Link Between Racism And PTSD

Aboriginal Health Study Measures Racism

Aboriginal Health Study Links Prescription Drug Use To Racism

ABMI Monitoring Centre Collects Samples Wildlife, Plants, Soil and Water

ABMI Monitoring Centre Adopts New Field Technology

ABMI Monitoring Centre Prepares For Winter Field Season

ABMI Monitoring Centre

Metabolomics Predicts Disease Causing Microbe Mutations

Matabolomics Holds Key To Infectious Microbe Virulence

Metabolomics Research Into Hospital Acquired Infections

CRI Grande Prairie Research Programs

Centre for Research and Innovation in Grande Prairie

Family Integrated Care Follows Pre-term Infants At Home

Family Integrated Care Study For Families Of Pre-Term Infants

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From NAIT's Second Annual Research Symposium, Dr Chris Dambrowitz discusses the value of applied research and industry partnerships to assist, for example, energy transition.


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