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Alberta Ingenuity

Alberta Ingenuity

Established in 2000, the Alberta Ingenuity Fund supports science and engineering research of the highest calibre, to create a prosperous future for the province of Alberta. It draws funding from a $1 billion endowment established in 2000 and managed by the Government of Alberta to build the capacity for innovation, especially in areas with long lasting social and economic impact.

Among its many programs, Alberta Ingenuity supports graduate students and university researchers, industrial research and commercialization partnerships, and has established several Centres and Institutes.

In January 2010, under the new Alberta Innovation Framework, Alberta Ingenuity was restructured and absorbed in the new agency Alberta Innovates Technology Solutions.


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Anthropologist Dr Sara Komarnisky researches handicraft programs at the old federal tuberculosis hospitals for indigenous people as part of a project called Object Lives and Global Histories of Northern North America


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