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Healthy Landscapes Program, fRI Research

Healthy Landscapes Program, fRI Research

The Healthy Landscapes Program, formerly known as the Natural Disturbance Program, looks at landscape change at a huge scale, such as Canada’s boreal forest.

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The workshops in Athabasca, Grande Prairie, Calgary and Edmonton are an invitation to people interested in forest sustainability and healthy landscapes to contribute their experiences with the forest and with ecosystem based management.

A dialogue is different in that it is about sharing experiences and perspectives in a way that fosters discussion and the generation of new ideas. 

Forest management has never been simple. However, the introduction of a new idea like ecosystem- based management (EBM) has complicated things to the point where it has become di cult to identify the source(s) of either support or opposition. This makes it extremely difficult to have a meaningful conversation about challenges and opportunities of a new idea like EBM.

Through professionally-facilitated sessions, the Healthy Landscapes Program at fRI Research will openly explore the barriers and opportunities to applying ecosystem-based management in Alberta.

Information gained from these workshops will be collated and analyzed in preparation for a report with recommendations on further implementation of Ecosystem Based Management.

The Healthy Landscapes Program is supported by fRI Research with 25 industry and government partners across several provinces and territories.


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